Puri Sunia Resort Ubud

Puri Sunia Resort is located in Ubud area, nestled in its own secluded place surrounded by the natural of environment such us beautiful rice paddies, water, coconut trees, Balinese traditional village of Abangan and Kokokan Village, a home of thousand white herons. 10 minutes away from Ubud Centre, a home of art and cultural.

Puri Sunia Resort

Puri Sunia Resort - Overview

Puri Sunia is derived from Balinese word 'Puri' and 'Sunia'. Puri means a house of King and Sunia mean "quiet or peaceful". You are surrounded by the textures and color of nature, dressed slate, tiles, smooth unpainted wood, soft homespun, fabrics, intricate worked copper, fragrant alang-alang grass roofing, natural bamboo, rough cut stone, flowers and foliage.

The resort is designed in Balinese architecture. Puri Sunia Resort room has been created to combine traditional Balinese esthetics with modern style and comfort. The materials are local stones, folk-weave fabrics, cane bamboo and weathered wood. The bathrooms, sunken bath with hot and cold water and offer the views into private courtyard gardens.






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Puri Sunia Resort

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